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Shantanu Sarkar

|| ॐ नमः शिवाय ||

Astrologer (ज्योतिषी, জ্যোতিষী), Esoteric Interpreter, Metaphysical Gnosist, Stellar Explorer, Mystic StoryTeller

I am an astrologer and utilize my several years of learnings in various astrological concepts and experiences during casting, reading, deciphering, distilling and predicting horoscope.

The astrology process requires lot of hard work, mental concentration, effort, time, energy, motivation to do proper evaluation, synthesis of multiple intricacies and arrive at accurate interpretations, besides years of dedication to perfect the skill-set, like any other advanced set of studies.


Astrology questions may be regarding :

Relationship, Friendship : Sustainability, period, breakup, reunion, type of, etc.

Marriage, MatchMaking : When, arrange or love, how, why, spouse characteristics, compatibility, matchmaking, happiness, sustainability, separation/divorce, reunion, second marriage, extramarital, affairs, etc.

Health : Ailment/suffering/disease identification, cure any, if so when, period (short or chronic), etc.

Childbirth : Will/won't have child, when, smooth or complications, adoption, etc.

Education : Suitable fields/subjects, performances, etc.

Career, Job, Business : Suitability of job vs business, suitable field, change, new, promotion, transfer, job sector/kind, etc.

Finance : Wealth, property, speculations, instruments, lotteries, etc.

Foreign : Related to education/marriage/work or business/leisure/short vs long vs permanent, suitability, when, etc.

Birth Time Rectification : Correct time of birth for accurate predictions

Muhurtha (Electional Astrology) : Selection of favourable moment

Gemstone, Rudraksha, Remedy : Suitable gemstone and rudraksha for all categories and in general and appropriate remedies as recommendations

Miscellaneous, Other, Customized : Other categories, customized outputs, etc.


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